Many times I was asked: what is action without hope? I remember being completely floored by that question.  I tried to give a sense and that’s how I started fighting for the issues I believe in.

Just hope for a better future isn’t enough; “we can live in the world as it is, but we can still work to create the world as it should be” with determination and empowerment. 

“Time is always right to do what is right” and that time is right now. Young activists around the world have understood this and that’s why they’re demanding change, no matter how impossible and hopeless it can be. 

Millions of teenagers have been speaking up, walking in the streets showing that justice can triumph in a reality where injustice reigns. 

Young people are actively shaping our world today; across the globe they are on the front lines of social change.  Now more than ever, with the rise of social media, their willingness to make their voice heard is great. In addition, social and political activity provides youth the opportunity to develop a number of different skills such as communication and critical thinking. 

Education helps youth finding that voice, but two hundred million adolescents are out of school worldwide. How can we pretend today to live in an equal world and not giving children the right to education ?

No country can be successful if nearly half of its population of young people are unable to read and write.

This goal is quite clear: we want every young person in school by the year 2030. It is urgent, but achievable.

Teenagers across the globe are capable and opinionated individuals who understand the importance of exercising their opinions.  Every government that wants to build a strong future for its nation must value the importance of youth voice. 

Our problems and concerns may not be addressed unless we point them out. 

There’s no winning in silence, we can’t change a reality if we don’t discuss about it. Everyone should ask themselves: “what do I want the future to look like?”

Young people are worried about violence. Every five minutes a boy or a girl is killed somewhere in the world. 

And that’s exactly what black communities are worrying about. Now they are dealing with the color of their skin. Lots of lives have been lost in the past centuries. This is a moment for black people to demand justice. Systemic change has to be made. 

We need to have conversations around white supremacy about what BLACK LIVES MATTER really means. Therefore, we can think about how to demolish systemic racism. 

Maybe we’ve had a good education or we’ve never experienced violence, prejudice or discrimination. But there are millions of young people who are not so fortunate, so we can’t just turn away as though racism doesn’t affect us only because we belong to the “white” side.

As well as the million of students who are marching in the streets asking governments to take seriously the issue of climate change. Solutions must be real and affordable and they must be realized as soon as possible otherwise there may be irreversible consequences on our planet. 

Marine animals are dying suffocated by plastic, rainforests are burning, air is becoming more and more polluted, temperatures are unexpectedly rising. How much more time are we willing to let this pass without change?

In this period of pandemic cities where empty and everyone was confined at home, because there was an invisible enemy outside. Animals have repopulated our streets, the big ozone layer closed in the North Pole… and yet someone says global warming is not produced by humans activity!

We should all be quarantined if we want a more sustainable and clean world. 

I believe young people have the highest potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. But, this is only possible when we are all given equal opportunities in every field. 

The time of hope is finished, now we have to embrace our future in our hands and let our visions become real.