Many times I was asked: what is action without hope? I remember being completely floored by that question.  I tried to give a sense and that’s how I started fighting for the issues I believe in.

Just hope for a better future isn’t enough; “we can live in the world as it is, but we can still work to create the world as it should be” with determination and empowerment. 

Education helps people finding the right voice and now more than ever, with the rise of social media, their willingness to make their voice heard is great. 

Teenagers across the globe are capable and opinionated individuals who understand the importance of exercising their opinions, and #PlugInTheWorld aims at spreading their voice, OUR VOICE around the world. 

Our problems and concerns may not be addressed unless we point them out. 

There’s no winning in silence, we can’t change a reality if we don’t discuss about it. 

Everyone should ask themselves: “what do I want the future to look like?”

– Chiara Longo