Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Chiara Longo



Hey, I’m Chiara, the founder of #PlugInTheWorld. I am a climate activist and an advocate for girls’ education with Malala Fund. I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was 8 years old.

I’m also a Girl Up leader: I spoke at the Global Leadership Summit 2022.

Saundarya D Nair


Hi, I am Saundarya, a 15-year-old student and Girl Up Teen Advisor, currently serving as Vice-President of Girl Up Flames of Justice, from India. Passionate about women in sports, media representation of PoC, LGBTQ+ rights, gender-based violence and the climate crisis, I am actively involved in multiple projects and organisations related to various aspects of social justice, such as combating xenophobia and I advocate for female reproductive health and women’s financial independence.

I aspire to be a Public Interest Attorney specialising in environmental law and gender justice. An avid debater, I can be found doing MUNs, art, Kathak or Taekwondo when not engaged in activism.

Vittoria Cervo


Hi, I am Vittoria, a 17 year old Italian student.
I love dancing because it makes me feel free to express myself. I also have lots of other hobbies, because I think that life should be exploited to the fullest, so I’m constantly looking for new experiences.
I’m convinced that all of us, with any small action can really change something, it’s up to us choosing how!

Daisy Chukwunonso Osadebe


Hi, I’m Daisy, a screenwriter in training (with Write Girl LA) and an occasional blogger. I have written articles here and there, and I adore writing songs. By September, I would be a Biomedical Sciences undergraduate in the UK. I am most passionate about climate change and humanity as a whole. I believe that we don’t all have to agree but we can all be respectful about it. I am an INFJ and I love art.

My dream job is one where I’m surrounded by people but still have space to be alone and independent. I love dogs and if I were an animal, I would be a grizzly bear.

Words I live by: “Don’t let the actions of others determine yours.” This is for times when others try to push you to the wall with their words and deeds. I make it a point of my effort to not give in to their prodding.

Gargi Bhavsar


Hey! I am Gargi. I’m a 14 year old from Maharashtra, India. I’m a self-diagnosed neurodivergent. I love reading, writing and speaking . I work as a climate and mental health advocate. Eco-anxiety is one of my topics of concern.

I am a Girl Up Changemaker, a volunteer at External Affairs Secretary of Project EIM and also work closely with Malala Fund.
While working as an activist, I like to highlight the intersectionalities between different issues.
I’m passionate about basic (but neglected) human rights such as LGBTQ+ acceptance, neurodivergents’ inclusion, valid cultural representations and many others.

In my free time, I like listening to music and reading trivial facts.

Punya Goswami


Hey! I’m Punya, a 17-year-old teen based in India who is driven by a fierce passion for reading, writing, and learning.

I enjoy expressing my thoughts and ideas through various forms of creative writing, including poetry.
Through my dedication to reading, writing, and learning,I’ve cultivated a deep curiosity about the world around me and has a keen desire to make a meaningful impact on the society.

Besides this, I’m a member of Girl Up faminae in my home country. My hobbies include travelling & meeting new people around the world.

Loraine Ncebakazi Gwambi

South Africa

Hi, I am Loraine. I am 20 years old. I’m in my final year studying BA Industrial Psychology at North University.

I am from South Africa, I am Golden Key member, a Peer Helper at Ch@s, an organisation under the Student Counselling and Development department at my campus.

I am a SABPP student member. I am an aspiring model and Girl Up leader.

I am very passionate about volunteering and helping others in any way I can. My hobbies include reading ,running and listening to music. I live by the quote “Don’t downgrade your dreams to fit you reality, upgrade your convictions to match with your destiny”.

Metzli de la Cruz


Hey, my name is Metzli which means ‘Moon Goddess’ in Nahuatl. I’m from a state in southeastern Mexico called Tabasco, since I can remember I love my roots and the place where I come from.

Since I was little I have loved books (of different genres). At the age of 9 I began to read classic literature and question
myself about everything that was around me since I took nothing for granted.

Thanks to books, I understood that there are privileges and inequalities and that we live in a world with great problems but that as young people we can help solve or be activists for change. I have competed in public speaking competitions as well.

Apart from my life in activism, I like to study and in fact,
I am applying for a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Besides, I am also a triathlete who likes running and
enjoys swimming sessions.

Sidra Abbas


Hi! My name is Sidra Abbas. I have recently done my bachelor’s in English Literature and Linguistics. I am working on my thesis about gender discrimination among working women in Pakistan. With studies, I do writings in non-fiction about social issues. I am a young leader working for interfaith harmony, women, and minority rights. I also have a keen interest in politics and cricket. I have worked as a volunteer for different causes like poverty and education. Being a language student, I am a big supporter of girls and women’s education. For this, I am planning to build my library in my village in the future. I have high ambitions for my higher studies as well.

Silvia Gaspard


Hi, my name is Silvia, a young woman passionate about Women’s rights and human rights.

Looking at the current situation and sad conditions that girls and women are facing in my community, made me the role model that I am today.

I would like to create a meaningful impact in my society  and country so that every girl and woman can benefit for their rights. In order to be that role model, I need a voice and to be a voice; I have to speak up and share my story to raise awareness on women’s rights all around the world.

I started with the Girl Up Nation club where I am learning, growing and expanding my knowledge and sharing my thoughts on what I want to change in my society and I would like to continue to make an impact and inspire others.

Fareeha Nezam


Hi, I’m Fareeha and I am a Girl up changemaker from India who is building her career in STEM. I am curious to take the world forward by removing all sorts of abhorrent acts. I have an intense love for writing through which I try to be the voice of the marginalized community and especially girls who are stuck in the primitive mind of society.

My dream is to see a fair-shake world one day. I prefer to spend my leisure time walking in the verdure, adoring nature, and reading novels.

Shalom Adedeji


Hi, I’m Shalom, a 21 year old professional nurse from Nigeria who is passionate about sustainable development. I believe that creativity is born out of curiosity and it can only be achieved through sustainable conversations.

Dolly Hirawat


Hi! I’m Dolly. I’m currently a senior year student at the University of Delhi. My passions include reading, writing, cooking and painting. I’m a content creator too. I aspire to be a human rights lawyer in future

Chiara Ayuste

United States of America

Hi, my name is Chiara and I am a 15 year old activist based in the United States. My activism is fueled by my passion for climate change issues, socio-economic justice, health care, education, and women’s sports.

Since age 12, I have been a Girl Up club leader working to educate others about gender equity and create solutions. I want to educate and promote youth voices calling for change.

I am a studying pre veterinary medicine student and I hope to become a veterinarian one day.

I play volleyball, basketball, and beach volley for my school. In my free time you will find me watching sports or playing soccer.

Frieda Kakololo


Hi, I’m Frieda, a 21-year-old from Namibia, Africa. I am in my last year of university, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication. I am the President of a Girl Up club called Baxu. When I’m not at school or doing social outreach programmes with her club, she reads a book or writes an article. I’m passionate about changing the world with the power of education. I am a feminist who believes and advocates for all people to be equal regardless of race, sexuality and religion.

Manya Agrawal


Hey! I am Manya. I am a 17 year old living in Maharashtra, India.

My hobbies include dancing, reading and designing. My recent work includes being an active member of a Girl Up club in India for the past 2 years.

I am an activist who looks forward to fight the discrimination we face. I vouch for gender equality, extending support to the LGBTQ community and promoting mental health. Throughout my time in the club, I want to increase awareness of these concerns as much as possible.

Maria Esperanta Gaspard


Hey! I am Maria, I’m passionate about gender equality, women’s rights and climate change.  I would like to be a role model in my school and in my community for young girls and women. I have joined Girl up Nation, to increase awareness on access to safe health care for and reproductive rights to women. I want to have a bigger voice for the voiceless.

In my country, not many women have access to proper health care so, I would like to grow and share my thoughts on what I want to change in my community this why I want to join an organization that can help me to create impact and have a bigger voice, and #PlugInTheWorld would be the best way to start.

Leena Joshi


Hi, I’m Leena, I come from India and I am a graduate of the University of Delhi.

I write sweet, fun, action-packed mysteries. I am a published author at “The Economic Times” .

My characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, I am passionate about climate action, gender equality and education access. I am also a Climate Leader and Founder and President at Girl Up, UN Foundation.