A conversation with YouTuber and girls’ education activist Vee Kativhu

A conversation with YouTuber and girls’ education activist Vee Kativhu
Italian student Chiara Longo interviews YouTuber and girls’ education activist Vee Kativhu. (Courtesy of Chiara Longo)

Vee discusses fighting for every girl’s right to learn, graduating during a pandemic and more.

This time last year, Vee Kativhu was at a crossroads. She had just graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in classical archaeology and ancient history, had her hands full with her popular YouTube channel and was trying to decide if she would accept an offer to a master’s programme in international education policy at Harvard University. Vee knew it would be difficult completing a degree in another country in another time zone during the pandemic — but she has never been one to shy away from a challenge.

“I was looking at all the difficulties and then I was like, wait, let’s think about all the positives here,” Vee explains. “Like, you are going to get to study the degree of your dreams. You’re going to get to be working in the education space during a pandemic where education was at one of its most vital moments, where a lot of students couldn’t be at school, a lot of students had to stay home. … I felt like if you are serious about wanting to be in this education space where you’re helping with equality and stuff, you can’t shy away just because you might have to stay up a little later to go to classes.”

Vee enrolled in Harvard, often staying up until 3 a.m. to complete her classes. But her hard work paid off and in June Vee graduated with her master’s. She documented the entire journey on her YouTube channel where she posts about tips to take on university, book reviews and conversations with inspiring activists.

I started following Vee in late 2019 as a source of inspiration. I was initially drawn to her videos because of the strength and determination she demonstrated during her exam sessions and advocacy projects. Her honesty and work for girls’ education gave me hope and inspired me to take even more action on the issues I am passionate about. I love her channel as it gives me a boost of positive energy. Her videos are so different from anyone else’s; she educates and empowers at the same time.

Getting to interview Vee for Assembly was an incredible experience. Our conversation made me feel more inspired, more confident but most of all, more aware of the changes we need to see in the world and how young women can help make them.

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