Nothing is either good or bad

Nothing is either good or bad

You rule the world with the mindset you embrace, so make sure to set your mind right.

Apart from the professional, constitutional, and religious rules stated as wrong or bad, you can’t base your thoughts on what is sinful or immoral. The assumption of something as corrupt is not new to the world. People who carry this kind of mindset should evolve and stop creating a negative impact on the world.

In many homes and cultures, only a few professions like medicine and technology are considered elite. Some people would like to be an artist someday; someone might consider fashion designing instead. Every job is unique and meaningful in its way.

Many people have set their ideology on the fact that only students from renowned universities and prestigious colleges are capable and talented. My advice is not to care about what school you choose. Think with your mind and don’t let anyone say that you are not good enough. Every educational place is excellent.

Students who get low grades shouldn’t be considered less intelligent than others. If you look around, you can find trillions of examples of students who aren’t masters at bagging A+ grades but are still doing great, because they won’t stop believing in themselves.

Many places are stuck in the primitive creed that they have banned wearing hijab for women. On the other hand, women who wear hijabs offend others for not wearing them. Everyone should accept each other choices!

Moreover, people sometimes make fun of different accents rather than accepting the diversity in people; those who live in big cities disregard those living in small towns. Society has established the belief that big cities are “good” and small cities are “bad”.

Tall height people leave no room in making fun of short stature: know there is no such rule that short height is inferior. It’s simply the output of the mindset you have created.

One of the oldest examples regards skin color: where on earth does this come from that whites are respectable and blacks and browns are considered unreliable?

The same concerns religion too: it’s shameful to consider a particular religion more important than another. Why do we need to develop a prejudice against people of different cultures?

Just know that we decide what is mainly wrong or bad. The fault lies in our negative ideologies and in the difficulty of not accepting what is different than ourselves and the reality we live in.
Considering a particular thing as bad or wrong where it’s not meant to be, is bad.

Change yourself and change the world!

About the Author

Fareeha Nezam is a teenager from New Delhi, India. She has recently completed her higher school education from Aligarh Muslim University, India.

Writing is her hobby. She believes that writing is a strong weapon to bring positive revolution into the world!