Earth Day 2021!

Earth Day 2021!

Happy International Earth Day

I’m not going to say Happy International Earth Day. 
There’s still a lot to do for our planet and this is just a starting point. 

It’s not an happy day for me, because behind this event there’s the work of millions of activists around the world who are trying to demand justice without giving up no matter if it seems impossible. We won’t stop dreaming about a clean and healthy planet. 
But, before changing our planet, we need to change ourselves, our behaviour, our habits. 

We’ve been so indifferent towards nature. So many people think we can only be empathic with people, but also all the animals, all the trees are living being who populate our planet. When we say that we need to be kind to each other, we also say to be kind to other living beings who live in this HOUSE. This is an house for everyone, no matter if we can fly or we can use technology. 
God loves us all despite of everything. 

Every day should be earth day, because you don’t have to forget those people who really care about environment and those people who believe we are all brothers and sisters and creatures of God. 🌎 🌱💧

– Chiara